Thursday, April 1, 2010

Royalty BOWtique

Well, the last 29 days to be exact!
A friend and I have been working on opening an online boutique! Grand Opening is today (really this is not an April Fool's prank!) and we have lots for fun things to check out!!! It is call Royalty BOWtique because every little kid should feel like they are a prince or princess!

We will be doing weekly posts on all kinds of topics and tutorials and we will be doing monthly give aways! We are offering 10% off your first purchase right now AND we are giving away a tutu and matching bow set! So hurry this wont last long!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Green Day Craft- for the kids!

A Leprechaun Trap!!!
First start with a shoe box and cut a door/flap out of one side.

Everyone knows that a Leprechaun is attracted to shiny things. We used LOTS of sliver glitter and bright colored paper. I cut a piece of paper to be glued into the bottom of the shoe box and we cover it with glitter. You could use tin foil or just let your kids color the inside.
Get crazy in your decorating! I think the more the better for this particular craft! you can see we have used a lot of glitter... I think mirrors and stickers would be really fun too!

Then you will need to make the trap/maze part of it. I did not measure anything. I just eyeballed and cutout a bunch of pieces. *USE a HOT GLUE gun to put these pieces in. It was the easiest way for me to get it done! And it held up really well!

Then cover the top with plastic wrap so once his gets in he can't get out, and prop the door open with a toothpick.This is the Leprechaun's view... my son had a great idea to make an arrow to make sure he knew which way to get in!

Set it out and see what you can catch. We didn't get a pot of gold, but we did get some Pop Rocks and through out the day we kept find little gold coins. He even came in and got out while we were in the room! So build it well cause they are tricky little guys!

May the Luck of the Irish with you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Amy Call Photography go check her out, she does some really great work!
She is doing a session giveaway, I believe it is a $99 value, so hurry it wont last very long!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Craft

This was super fun and easy to make! I picked all of this stuff up at Ben Franklin before they closed so this actually cost me less than 2 dollars, otherwise I think it would have cost about $5-$7 dollars!
I got this board and painted it, I went with white.... Then picked up some of these wood clovers and painted them. I went with green...
Then, I pained some little wood letters and before the paint dried, I dipped them in some green glitter... I think those foam stickers would work too. For this craft, you will need enough to spell out "LUCKY CHARMS" I had two different kinds of St. Patrick's Day ribbon... I went with the green kind, But whatever you have or can find would be way cute! Hot glue to the bottom of the board, but make sure you wrap the edges around all the way to the back, so it wont fall off easily.Then I just hot glued the clovers to the top of the board, so the top half would stick up above the board. I added a raffia bow (just hot glued that too) at the last minute, but it really added a lot to the board! Then I printed pictures of my kids all about the same age (3 months old) and glued them to the clovers!
cute! easy! fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pig Tails...

...are for big kids too!!!

For Sale

Okay everyone, I am going to be selling my stuff! Keep your eyes open for where to get this and more samples of what I will be selling!!! Match your ties to your bows...
These come in all different colors, but these are the sizes I will have!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry, I really wanted to get these up before Valentine's Day, but it just didn't happen. But maybe you can try it next year ;)
here is Baby Cookie's hair hearts....
Really easy, part the hair into two sections and pull as much hair as you want into pigtails. (not for maxim cuteness you will want to get it high on their head). Then use some kind of gel or palmaid (I use something similar by Garnier Fructis-Reshapble putty). You will want to make sure it is going to hold the little fly-aways in.
Get the little ponies wet but your 'gel' in, split them in half, and bend into a hear-shape. Secure with a tiny bobby pin until her hair is dry and you can then take the bobby pins out or leave them in depending on her hair (we took them out)
She had been crying because she couldn't get that little box open so her eyes are a little scary... but look at her hair and those adorable hearts!!! I put a little red ribbon around the elastic and I was done. It took longer to write this than it did to do the hair.

This is a really fun one- I have seen similar ideas on other blogs- If you need better "how-to" pictures let me know...
Okay so you are going to part the hair on the natural part. Then on the side with the most hair put two small sections into little elastics. Then do a REVERSE topsy tail (or pull through). then put in some "gel" twist and put into heart shape and put on elastic in the bottom.
Because this was her school party day we went extra crazy and added some little button hearts (that were just hot glued to bobby pins). For this one we just pulled her hair back into a half pony, and then did the same as above- reverse topsy tail, shaped, secured with elastic, and added some fun bobby pin hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!